Saucer hats are all the rage with top British milliners and their illustrious clients such as Kate Middleton, Sophie Duchess of Wessex and all the most fashionable women in the world. Who didn’t swoon at the fabulous yellow saucer hat worn by Amal Clooney at the last royal wedding. The majority of guests, royalty and celebrities from around the world, chose to adorn saucer hats for the occasion. 

Practically speaking they're as light as a feather and easy to travel with. They’re larger than a fascinator but smaller than a wide brim hat, so they’re right for every occasion. And their angle is extremely flattering to the face. 

The British lead the world in millinery design, which comes at the astronomical price of $3500-$5000 if you choose a saucer hat from Philip Tracey, Stephen Jones or their peers that hold the royal seal. However, I'm creating these whimsically elegant saucer hats, using the same fine materials, and listing them for only $125-$150. I hand make each one in my millinery studio in the Hollywood Hills, and most of them are one-of-a-kind exclusives. So why not leave the sea of common hats behind and venture into the fashionable world of saucer hats. I invite you to view my latest collection of saucer hats at