Keeping with the addition of bright colors in my latest collection, I've made some whimsical mad hatter boaters. They have ragged trim and antique pocket watch faces from England, which I made into pins. These can be removed and also worn as a broach. The effect is that these playful hats look to be at sixes and sevens. I carved the hat blocks and hand dyed the straws and trim, paring them in unusual combinations. These delightful hats can be worn to Royal Ascot, the Kentucky Derby, a polo match or regatta. But you can also pair them with casual linen pants or a vintage floral print dress and wear them to Sunday brunch or on a stroll around the flea market. They are great conversation pieces as no one will have seen anything like them before. Each one is one-of-a-kind. Designed and handmade by milliner Amy Ward. Available at