With the internet offering products from all over the world, it’s now easy to shop cruelty free. You just need to check before purchasing.  

Being an animal rights activist, it’s important to me to make and sell hats that  my clients can be certain are cruelty free. The feathers I use all come from birds that naturally shed their feathers or molt each year. Likewise, for my winter  hats I only use wool felt. It’s more difficult to work with than fur felt, but I believe that animals should not be bred and kept in appalling conditions, only to be murdered for their fur. And although my faux leather caps look and feel like soft lambskin, they contain no animal products.    

So I encourage you to take the cruelty free pledge and just check to be sure the products you purchase not only look good, but are ones you can feel good about wearing, knowing pain and death were not part of the process.  

You can view my entire collection of beautiful cruelty free hats at: AwardMillineryDesign.com

Amy Ward