For those who watched the Royal Wedding (I watched it on youtube the next morning), hats took center stage. Although there were a few wide brim hats, the majority worn by the fashionable guests from all over the world were fascinators, called perchers by the British, and saucer hats. It was lovely to see such elegant hats, that were not at all like the often gaudy hats worn at horse racing events.

These fascinators clearly weren’t the 'do it yourself’ variety. The high quality materials, proportion, style and colors were created by skilled milliners. But the hats that showed the most style were the whimsical saucer hats. The UK leads the world in millinery design, and saucer hats are the perfect compromise between a brimmed hat and a fascinator. They seem to float rather than perch, and the asymmetry is so flattering to the face. 

All the saucer hats I made this spring were purchased for the Kentucky Derby, Ascot and the Royal Wedding, but I’m working on new designs all the time. Since many of my hats are one-of-a-kind, my collections are always evolving.

I encourage you to branch out and try a saucer hat for the next special occasion you attend. They’re light as a feather, look divine from every angle, and are oh so chic.