Hopes for a wonderful new year have never been felt more feverently than for 2021. COVID was not the only virus that devastated us this past year, as division in the country reached levels that threatened to tear us apart. Hopefully both diseases will subside and we can enter into a calmer, healthier state and smile at each other again. So I wish the country and the world the very best for this bright new year.

As I see signs of spring, of beauty and renewal, I'm channeling that into my hat designs. Hats are magical, as when you put one on you feel different. Your spirits rise and people open up and complement you when you're wearing a beautiful hat. You look and feel confident and you smile. No one's going to notice your handbag or your shoes, but they will certainly take note of your hat. Wearing a great hat has a similar effect to what one experiences when walking a dog, as it's an invitation for others to interact with you. And after a year of isolation some interaction is most welcome.