Ladies Black Hat, Formal Black Hat, Blue Plaid Hat, Top Hat, Mad Hatter



Plaid is THE fashion statement this season.

This black hat is made with parisisal, the queen of straws.It takes a master weaver 7 days to weave this one piece by hand. Then it takes me 3 days to steam, block, dry, shape, size and trim a hat. I used a beautiful silk blue plaid with metallic silver threads. The sash slips off so you can put a solid black or white one there to wear for other occasions.

Fits medium 22". Measure 1/4" above your ears and around where it would rest to be sure it will fit you, as hats are not returnable.

My hats have appeared in Victoria Magazine and been worn at the Royal Wedding, Ascot, Buckingham Palace Garden Party, Kentucky Derby, Melbourne Cup and commissioned by Disney Studios.

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My prices are wholesale to the public. Fine shops purchase them and double the price to their customers.
This is not a rain hat.
Some countries may charge a customs duty, which I have no control over.
This may delay delivery by several days.

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